Thursday, March 23, 2006



Roo Borson's "Save Us From" states that we should be saved from everything no matter what we do and where we go. Even if it positive the writer is stating that we need to be careful of it. He makes is sound like we should just stay in the house in order to be safe. This poem also wants to save us from fatigue and all of the unsanitary things that we encounter in public places.

The setting seems to be in the present time and in a town that you could get gas, and workout on a treadmill and a place where there are cafes and many things that a person can go to and participate in. The tone of this poem is negative. The writer is negative about everything that a person does in their everyday life. He makes it sound like everything you do can be dangerous. I agree with them to a certain extent but you do not need to worry about this all of the time.

The organization of the poem is good, there is no rhyming in the poem and the lines are all together. They are not arranged into different stanzas. This kind of a dramatic structure because it consists of a series of scenes which are presented vividly and in detail. The language of this poem keeps you thinking about the different meanings of the poem. When you are reading this poem you can actually picture in your mind what the writer is saying. You can see the actual picture.

The rhythm of this poem seems to be weak. There are certain words that are stressed but not a lot of them are. It seems like the poem just keeps going on and on and doesn't seem to stop.

All of these elements used together is what makes a good poem and helps us as the readers understand the poem.

Friday, March 03, 2006

WEEK 7: Poems: situation and setting ect.

Title: “After a Death”
Author: Roo Borson

This poem occurs in a person’s home in a room with a chair that is present in this room. The situation of this poem is that a loved one has passed away and the person that is alive misses this person very much. So they use the chair to take the place of the person who has died. They state in the poem “I turn his absence into a chair” so this shows us that this chair has major importance to this person.

This poem exhibits ambiguity. The chair stands for stability, a comfort zone and peace for the author. The chair also represents a sense of security for the person who lost the loved one. The other meaning of the chair is just that it is a chair. The chair is also a symbol since it stands for comfort and peace that the author is getting from this chair. When they are feeling lonely and are missing the person that has died they can sit in this chair and feel like they can make it another day without the person who has died. Also this person can still go out into the real world and live their lives normally because they know that the chair will always be there unlike the loved one that they lost.